SINCE 1957

We are the heritage barbershop of care and hairdressing for men in the hearth of Rome in via della Vite, a few steps from Piazza di Spagna, keepers of a centuries-old tradition of high handcraft and professionalism. Our history begins in 1957 with the opening of Bottega Peppino in a corner of via Mario de’ Fiori. The small barber’s saloon, at the beginning furnished with four traditional chairs, light painted walls and a red velvet screen, becomes a point of reference for lawyers, journalists, entrepreneurs, nobles, politicians and institutional personalities, like princes and heads of State. The master is Peppino Ricciardo Calderaro, Sicilian by birth, but Roman by adoption, especially known for his kind, elegant and reserved manners. Peppino, trained at Biancifiore’s saloon in via Condotti, the barber of the Roman nobility, very soon uses the fundamental collaboration of Piero Migliacci, master of Calabrian origins, so much skilful in conversation too. In years Piero encourages clients to leave a memory or an inscription to Antica Barberia. All these precious materials were collected and published in the book Le forbici e il pettine. La Barberia Peppino e i suoi clienti (Scissors and comb. Barberia Peppino and its clients), written by Maurizio Giammuso and published by Montagnoli. We also found the Razor’s Club of Antica Barberia that includes around 350 special clients, everyone with his own clasp razor with a personalized blade and among them there is even Juan Carlos king of Spain. In years the number of clients and chairs increase. Today the last on the left is Alessandro’s chair, Piero’s son, who, with great passion and knowledge, continues to pass down the culture, care and excellence of the service that have always distinguished us.